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Transactions shabu in the garden Oil, Kampar Kiri Hilir Police Seize Drugs Performers

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TOPRIAU, KAMPAR - Board Kampar Kiri Hilir Police make arrest a suspected case of abuse of narcotic type of methamphetamine in the area of ??oil palm plantation area Mekar Jaya Kampar Kiri Central.

Suspect drug cases initials FS (19 years), is Villagers Mekar Jaya Kampar District Central District Kampar Kiri. He was arrested on Monday (17/10/2016) at approximately 20:30 pm,

The arrest of drug offenses started when police officers received information that there will be a drug transaction area under oil palm plantations Mekar Jaya.
Following up on the information, Kanit Criminal Ipda Supriya and her team went straight to the police opsnal localized to conduct an investigation.

Once in place Genesis Case (TKP) found two suspicious people were sitting under a palm tree, the officer then approached the two men.

When the officer approached the offender fled, but one man succeeded in police custody. then conducted a search and found a small package of the illicit drug methamphetamine along with suction equipment shabu inside a cigarette box brand LA Bold and the other small packages in the left pocket pants suspects.

Some evidence secured from the suspects were two small packs of shabu-shabu, two pieces of Pyrex glass, a set bong, a fruit spoon shabu, one unit of HP Nokia and some other material evidence related to this case.

Kampar police chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Edy Sumardi Priadinata sik through Kampar Kiri Hilir AKP police chief Zulkarnain when confirmed justify this incident, the police chief submitted that the suspect along with a number of officers found evidence related to this case has been secured in Kampar Kiri Hilir police station to undergo further legal process.

The police chief added that the suspects would be charged under Article 114 (1) Junto Article 112 (1) of Law Number 35 Year 2019 About Narcotics, under penalty of at least five years in prison. (TR / Today)

The perpetrator allegedly beating, 2 People Student arrested by police in Pelalawan When Fun Drinking Tuak

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TOPRIAU, KERINCI BASES - Two students in Pelalawan arrested by police while cool busy drinking alcohol types Ciu (Tuak Nias). Both students initials Ber and Ob alleged perpetrators of beatings against SMK N 1 Kerinci Kanan, Anton Gunawan.

Information summarized journalists in the field as well as statements Police Public Relations Palalawan Madi, the arrest of two students were busy drinking Tuak Nias began their report of a student of SMK N 1 Kerinci Kanan Anton Gunawan, Citizens Lalang mourning on Friday at (14/10/2016) on a beating performed by two people who did not know when crossing the road near the housing Bhakti Praja Kade Palalawan.

As a result of the beatings, the victim suffered bruises around the eyes, after receiving a report Buser team led Ipda Irwanto Tanjung SH directly move to the place Genesis Case (TKP). It did not take long Buser team managed to secure two youths ber initial BER (19 years) and Bo (16 years old). When arrested, the two students were middle cool to drink alcohol types Ciu.

While the police chief Adjunct Senior Palalawan Ariwibowo Sik accompanied Invisible Criminal AKP Herman Felani SH confirmed, justify the events of beatings and arrest of two young men who are still students. Residents of the Ring Road, had been secured at the police station for processing Palalawan further processing, while the victim was done post mortem.

"Tndak dominant criminal undertaken by students we need to examine what factors that make them are tempted by these prohibited acts", he explained. (TR / ishar.d)

Posing So buyer, Kampar district police Ringkus Drug Courier

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TOPRIAU, Kampar district police KAMPAR- again managed to thwart narcotics types of shabu shabu. On Friday (14/10) morning, the officers managed to secure a courier initials A-A (19 years old) Village residents Petapahan Jaya subdistrict Tapung Kampar regency.

Performers secured in an empty building that is 60 kilo meters Beringin Subdistrict Tapung Desa Rimba Hulu Kampar by officers when it was undercover and pretend ordering illicit goods. When actors deliver narcotics officers immediately ambushed actors when it was parked.

From the hands of perpetrators officers secure a package of shabu shabu stored in a pants pocket actors besides securing the officers also seized a handpone unit and a motorcycle unit types Revo with plate number BM 5919 FB driven offender.

From AA recognition, these illicit goods are yours P-N and he was asked to deliver the drugs to someone who had ordered through handpone.

"I was only five months into a drug courier, from once dropping me usually at a wage of between 100 to 200 thousand", said AA.

Narcotics Police, Adj Kampar, AKP Tapip Usman acknowledged that the perpetrator's arrest thanks to the disguise of one of the officers in the field. The perpetrator has been known for slick therefore undercover officers by way pretending ordering illicit goods to the perpetrators.

For his actions co-perpetrators, evidence has been secured officer in Kampar police station for further investigation. Performers will be charged under Article 112 Paragraph 1 Junto Article 114 Paragraph 1 / Law No. 35 Year 2009 on Narcotics with the threat of minimum 5 years and maximum 20 years in prison. (TR / Today)

Miraculously, the baby was born without shells Head Up Now Alive

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TOPRIAU, Pekanbaru - Although time can not last long predicted by team doctors, but babies born without cranium at Bina Kasih Hospital Pekanbaru is still alive today. Even growth addressing significant developments and body look fuller.

With the aid of breathing apparatus and drip hose, poor baby, named Taufik looks healthy and occasionally giving a response through his hands held by her parents.

Although the health of newborns are born without a skullcap is worsened due to difficulties in breathing, but can be handled by the medical team. The fourth child born from a couple Erna Juwita and Sudirman, Jalan Nilam residents District of Pekanbaru City until today has been outstanding for more than two weeks.

According to Director of Bina Kasih Hospital, Dr Noorchalis Asnawi, there are signs of infection and susceptible happen because there is no protection for the cranium to sibayinya. Conditions are only there just to cover the membrane.
"The condition of the baby who was born without a skullcap this, worsened suspected of being infected. Batok head of the right of protection, to shield the contents of the head, the patron in his head is not complete, the top shell only a layer of membrane, layers of it", explains Dr. Noorchalis Asnawi, Director Top Bina Kasih Hospital.

With the condition of m taufik's unnatural born, the hospital promised to keep the baby will turn his best and not the poor baby to her parents considering the condition of her parents' house unfit for the condition of the baby. (TR / Rul)
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Drug Dealers Secured Provincial Traffic Police Office Pekanbaru

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TOPRIAU, Pekanbaru - Pekanbaru Police Narcotics Investigation Unit arrested six drug dealers across the province. From the suspects, police seized 32 kilograms of marijuana and dozens of grams of methamphetamine as well as money from the sale.

Of the drug dealers, police confiscated dozens of kilograms of marijuana and methamphetamine in a suitcase from a rented house in District Tenayan Raya, Pekanbaru on Saturday (08/09) yesterday.

Six people the drug dealer, three of whom are nationals of Aceh were masingi A-F (30 years old) K-M (22 years old) and P-R (20 years old). While the other three are residents of North Sumatra Pekanbaru and the R-H (43 years old) A-S (30 years old) and M-R (year).

Besides drug police also secured a balance of 50 million as well as money from the sale of narcotics. From the recognition suspected illicit goods, will be distributed seputaran Riau.

"Airport arrested a player of Aceh and had just arrived in Pekanbaru," explained police chief Pekanbaru, Commissioner Tony Hermawan

Sixth suspect at this time, Pekanbaru Police secured in order to follow further legal proceedings, other than that the police were still conducting an investigation following allegations they associates other actors who are still wandering in the city of Pekanbaru. (TR / Os)

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