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Student al Azhar Originally Kampar Killed Hit by Car in Cairo Egypt

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TOPRIAU, KAMPAR - A citizen of Indonesian origin Kampar district who lectures at the University of Al Azhar, Cairo, Egypt, killed by a car while crossing the street in the area of ??Ring Road Maady. Third level students majoring in Syariah named Ridho Alhafiz is hit by a moment after his Rizki. Their plan will assist the maintenance of his friends from Kuwait Scholarship Foundation.

From the description of the Indonesian Embassy in the Egyptian envoy, Ridho that when it was crossing with his friend suddenly came a sedan type vehicle unit red go fast and crashing Ridho. Reportedly Ridho body was bouncing up and then slammed into the tarmac and instantly unconscious.

The victim was immediately taken to hospital el-Damardasy Abbasea Cairo to get first aid, but after handled by a team of doctors in the emergency room (ER) victims can not be saved and died at around 14:00 local time.

Chairman of Yayasan Pondok Pesantren Islamic Centre Al Hidayah, Syafrizal said that the deceased Ridho is a graduate of Pesantren Islamic Centre Al-Hidayah Kampar East and is the best graduates of the boarding school that, even departures and education costs of the deceased to study at the University of al-Azhar in Cairo, from a scholarship foundation ,

From the data collected the deceased was an orphan who lived in simplicity with his mother and younger sister. His father had died a year ago when the deceased had arrived in Egypt to study. (TR / Today)

Residents Shocked Pekanbaru land fires occurred in Dense Population

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TOPRIAU, Pekanbaru - Residents shocked fires that occurred in residential areas in the middle of the city of Pekanbaru. The extent of this fire, makes people anxious and afraid because of fears of widespread given the drought that is currently underway.

Car fire from the City Government (Government) Pekanbaru straight to the scene of the fire, and a few moments later combing the burnt area by way of flushing water towards the emergence of the fire source.

Officers conducted watering to the edge of the site in view of the flames burning adjacent to population centers, or only about ten meters. Furthermore, the new officers doing the watering move to the middle of the scene of the fire.

The fire occurred since Sunday, 02.10) yesterday as the ongoing party citizens, flames from the fire had disappeared, but on Tuesday (04/10) afternoon, residents were surprised by the flames and thick smoke coming abruptly at the same location. Residents fear the fires that occurred not far from human habitation

"I fear the fire is because it is adjacent to the houses, besides the burnt areas is a plus peat is ongoing drought, causing the susceptibility of a fire," said one resident, Ema.

Currently the fires occurred in several districts on Provini Riau, data from the Meteorological Agency Klimatalogi and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) Pekanbaru noted that there are nine hot spots spread across four districts in Riau, each four hotspots are in Bengkalis, Kampar and Rokan Hulu two hotspots, while the hotspots observed in Indragiri Hilir. (TR / ACI)

Steal Engine Genset Neighbors, Siak Hulu secured Citizens Police

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TOPRIAU, SIAK UPSTREAM - Police Board Siak Hulu on Tuesday (04/10) afternoon securing the citizens who are suspected of stealing a neighbor's engine generator unit.

Performers initials Z-N, aka I-C (27 years old) is a resident of the village Buluh Nipis Siak Hulu subdistrict Kampar regency. ZN desperate to steal the generator belonging to Henry (38 years) of a cottage which is also located in the village of Lime Buluh.

After successfully stealing the generator belonging to the victim, the perpetrator directly transporting the generator by using one unit of four-wheeled vehicles are then stored in the house.

"I did this theft action alone and plans Jenset that I use at home. I was desperate to theft because they do not have enough money to buy the generator engine," explained the perpetrators.

Head of the Police Criminal Investigation Unit Siak Hulu, Ipda Novris Simanjuntak expressed offender arrests stemmed from a tip of a resident who had seen the perpetrators lifted into a car engine generator. From that information officers immediately conducted an investigation. After getting the police evidence directly to subdue him.

"When do pengeledahan at the residence of the perpetrator officials found a generator unit belonging to the victim were stored in her home kitchen," explained Ipda Novris.

To account for his actions the perpetrator and the evidence secured in Siak Hulu Police Headquarters for further investigation. Performers will be in meshes with Article 363 of the Criminal Code with the threat of five years imprisonment. (TR / Today)

Baby Without Shell Chief Born in the city of Pekanbaru, Riau Province, Indonesia

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TOPRIAU, Pekanbaru - Infant without skullcap born in Pekanbaru, Riau. Erni Juwita child pair and Sudirman male sex - the male, is still in intensive care in hospital Bina Kasih Pekanbaru.

Jalan Nilam village atmosphere Sukaramai District of Pekanbaru City, is now crowded with people. Because one of the derah baby at birth is not normal or does not have the skull.

Mother of the baby, Erni Juwita coming home from the hospital still look weak after undergoing childbirth. Residents who come and go so steadfast encouragement to undergo the ordeal he endured.

Although born in a defective condition, but babies born by Caesarean section on Sunday (25/09) and then with a heavy three point seven kilograms and fifty centimeter length is healthy and strong.

Baby's parents just looked resigned to the ordeal and hope charitable donors today to provide assistance to alleviate child care financing. (TR / Rul)

Drug Dealers in the village of Gunung Sari Police arrested Kampar, Indonesia

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TOPRIAU, KAMPAR - Tim Opsnal Kampar Police Narcotics Investigation Unit re-arrested one of the main drug dealer types of methamphetamine in the village of Gunung Sari subdistrict Mount Sahilan Kampar

Performers are secured by the police on Wednesday (28.09.16) approximately 23.00 wib.ini is SH Alias ??S (LK 42 TH) Village residents Gunung Sari subdistrict Mount Sahilan Kampar regency.

Disclosure of this case was the result of the investigation team Opsnal Kampar Police Narcotics Investigation Unit as well as information received from the public to the police.

Obtained information that the suspect's house SH alias S in the region of the village of Gunung Sari, often used as a drug transaction types methamphetamine.
After ascertaining the existence of the next targets of raids carried out and managed to secure the suspect SH alias S when it was at home.

Then witnessed by the Chairman RW conducted a search at the suspect's home and successfully found some evidence include two packages being and four small packages of methamphetamine concealed above the ceiling of his house.

It also seized other material evidence in the form of a fruit bong, a digital scale unit, two pieces of Pyrex glass and some other material evidence related to this case.

Kampar police chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Edy Sumardi Priadinata sik through visible Drug AKP Tapip Usman confirmed the incident to justify this, given that the defendant SH Tapip along with some of the evidence found related to the case officer has been secured in Kampar police station to undergo further legal process.
Added that the suspects would be charged under article 112 jo 114 of Law Number 35 Year 2009 on Narcotics with a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. (TR / Today)

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