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Fights middle and high school students in Pekanbaru Leads to Death

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TOPRIAU, Pekanbaru - Internet access (cafe) that is currently favored young people to find entertainment, especially games, it can also be a trigger fights. An example that occurred in one of the main cafe in Pekanbaru, where a junior high school student was killed after a fight with a fellow student. The fight was due to a misunderstanding between the perpetrator and the victim are tipped at each other.

The body of an unknown student named Dendi Onwesli taken to the General Hospital (Hospital) Arifin Achmad Pekanbaru for autopsy. Grade 3 students have died from injuries in the abdomen.

The victim's death raises deep sorrow for her mother Teresa, she does not seem able to withstand sad after knowing her third child died in the hospital.
According to Pekanbaru police chief, Commissioner Tony Hermawan, Dendi victims and perpetrators of abuse Ferdinand met at a cafe, due to misunderstanding the two students involved in a fight that led to death.

Ferdinand which is one of the main high school students in Pekanbaru hit Dendi abdomen. Victims who were injured in this had been rushed to a medical clinic near the school, but the lives of junior high school students can not be saved. (TR / IN)

Skin Trade Sumatran tigers in Riau Foiled Joint Team LHK, Actor Arrested When Trading

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TOPRIAU, Pekanbaru - Trade Sumatran tiger foiled by a joint team of Environment and Forestry and WWF Sumatra Region II. A joint team also managed to secure two people when doing transactions in Indragiri Hulu in Riau province.

Joint Team LHK directly securing the co-suspect evidence tiger skin in the Central Security and Law Enforcement (BPPH) Environment and Forest Region II IN Jlan Subrantas Pekanbaru to undergo the examination.

Two residents were identified as Ahyar and Niko's, was arrested in the district of Batang Gansal Indragiri Hulu (Inhu) on Thursday afternoon (29/09) when it will transact Sumatran tiger skin with a combined team posing as a buyer.

Tiger skin wrapped in a plastic bag, still emit foul smell pungent, judging from the condition, the tiger is still fresh allegedly murdered not long after the hunt is done. Skin condition also still looks complete from the skin of the head to the tail.

Viewed from the physical, Sumatran tiger lists different types of rare animals grown with the male sex, in addition to leather combined team also seized the bones of this wildlife.

According salahseorang actors, Ahyar, referred to as a hunter himself evasive Sumatran tiger skin melain as intermediaries or brokers who sell the results of the game. He admitted this endangered species obtained from hunters in the Regional District Concong Inhil with sharing arrangements.
"The plan will be our tiger skins sold for 80 million to someone out of Jakarta," he explained.

Meanwhile, Head of District Section II Sumatra Security and Law Enforcement Institute of Environment and Forests, Edwar said, after surveillance for two weeks, the joint team arrested two of the perpetrators and securing one sheet of tiger skin. While this will be the development to determine the motive of the sale of tiger skins.

Catching the tiger skin trade in Riau Province has repeatedly occurred. Tiger skins are in great demand because it is an endangered species. Usually sold in the black market at a tempting price. (TR / Rul)

Not Satisfied Appeal Denied, Killer Principal at Palalawan filed its objection

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TOPRIAU, Palalawan - Dasmar Joni (DJ) perpetrators of premeditated murder of Principal (Principal) S M K 1 Ukui dissatisfied with the decision of appeals upheld the ruling PN Palalawan, he did immediately make an appeal.

DJ through his legal adviser Abubakar Sidik SH and Patner when met reporters in Pelalawan District Court yesterday after receiving a letter explaining the decision whch LP DJ claen we are not satisfied with the verdict ultimately implies an appeal.

"For the brief we have registered to PN Palalawan yesterday with registration number 10 /: Certificate / Pid / 2016 / PN Pealawan", he said.

While the prosecutor Srimulyani Anom reporters when met at the PN Palalawan justify the legal remedies that the defendant committed a DJ, he admitted that it had received reports of PN Palalawan that the defendant Dasmar Joni alias DJ through his attorney first requests the efforts of Cassation,

"In the near future we will provide the counter cassation", he explained. (TR / Ishar. D)

Again enjoyed Marijuana Under the Trees, 2 Residents in Pangkalan Kerinci arrested by police

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TOPRIAU, BASES KERINCI - Two residents of Pangkalan Kerinci Western initials AP (26 years old) was born in Medan, and LK (21 years old) birth Koto Panjang Sunday 25/09/2016) was arrested Police Palalawan when cool to smoke cannabis in under the tree next T retail outlets Kamaruzzaman KM 5 Pangkalan Kerinci West Village.

From the results of the search, police found the body offenders who had smoked hand-rolled marijuana, a packet of dried marijuana leaves were stored in the wallet in red. In addition, police also found other evidence that 13 packages of methamphetamine, 1 piece of plastic valve ,, pirek glass, spoons made of the pipette, two Hp brand Nokia, money Rp450,000, -, and two motorcycles obscure its kind, while the results of a search at the suspect's house AP, officers found another two packets of dried marijuana leaves and 1 piece bong.

According to information from the reporter summarized Pelalawan Police Public Relations, the arrest of the suspect on suspicion poisi, in addition to capturing the perpetrators are enjoying dried marijuana leaves under a tree, police also found some evidence when searched.

Police Chief Adjunct Senior Palalawan .Ariwibowo SSik accompanied by visible Police Narcotics Palalawan AKP Edi Jasman justify the arrest of two suspected drug users and owners.

"Last week we managed to secure two members of citizens who enjoy dried marijuana leaves in KM 5 Jln PTRAPP corridor, this time the suspect along with the evidence we have secured in the police station for examination leboh Palalawan further", he explained. (Ishar.D)

Two Motorcycle Collision in Pangkalan Kerinci, One Killed As Arriving at Hospital

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TOPRIAU, KERINCI BASES - motorcycle collision on the road Abdul Jalil, exactly Salsabila Orphanage near Pangkalan Kerinci Saturday (24/09/2016) 10:30 casualties. Known victim named Setio Budi Nugroho old BTN citizens Pangkalan Kerinci City last breath in Selasih hospitals.

Results summary of journalists in the field accompanied by statements of several youths are reluctant to be credited to explain the collision began when Gugun driving from the direction Pekanbaru ride Honda Beat motorcycle on his way home in BTN Lama, while his opponent Using Jupiter MX of Pangkalan Kerinci towards Bakti Praja, arriving in decline between Bernas and Orphanage both motors fight goats. The hardness of the collision made both lying covered in blood

Some young people who see them lying helpless initiative provides ertolongan by running elapsed areas to the Selasih Hospital Basil Pangkalan Kerinci, but unfortunately Gugun lives could not be saved when the moment arrives at rumahs sick. Police Chief Pelawan when contacted. no answer. (TR / Ishar, D)

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