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3 Students Involved in Pelalawan Motorcycle Theft, 2 Months managed to steal five Motorcycles

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TOPRIAU, KERINCI BASE - Three students in Pelalawan initials GS, JG, and the Navy was forced to deal with the police for involvement in Pangkalan Kuras motorcycle thefts (Curanmor). In addition to securing the three students, the police also arrested a young man suspected to be the initials RS for container (fencers) loot.

Like most motorcycle theft using keys T, three students are also doing the same thing. Judging from the way they work is fairly skilled in carrying out the action.

Reporter summarized the information from the police, disclosure of the case curanmor done this student, after citizens capture and hand over a suspect Gs Makmur village residents Pangkalan Pangkalan Kuras Kerinciv to the Police on Wednesday (21/09/2016) at Desa Kemang. From the development of the ranks of police eventually managed to secure friends Pangkalan Kuras berinitial AL suspect at his home in the village of Terantang Manuk District of Pelangkalan Kuras.

Then on 22 September 2016 Police again caught J G (16 years old) and his RS (19 years) in Pangkalan Kerinci. RS is known to the residents of Sungai Ara suspected as a receiver for the police managed to secure the evidence of the motorcycle unit Blade colors black and white ping.

Pelalawan Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner S. Sik Ariwibowo accompanied by Chief of Unit Resintel Iptu Nazaruddin SH through the publicity department confirmed the arrest of three suspects curanmor by using a key T. All three i still attending school with one fence. From the recognition of the suspect they have often done the theft of motorcycles, in the last two months they managed to run five units of motorcycles in different places.

This Sat suspect along rod evidence two motorcycles brand Jupiter MX and Honda Blade and two key suspects T tools used in the act secured Pelalawan Police for further investigation. (TR / Ishar.D)

Broken Heart boyfriend paired with the Other Woman, Young Girl in Pelalawan Stretch Lives with Nylon Rope A length

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TOPRIAU, KERINCI BASES - Just because his girlfriend want an arranged marriage with another woman a young teenager berinitial T E (16 years old) flexing his life by using a nylon rope on his door. These events unfolding based on the findings of hand phone (Hp) victims victims with a brief message.

The contents of the short message reads "the closer I die tomorrow, if you tomorrow I go, do not forget the memories the two of us".

The information summarized reporter from Police Public Relations Palalawan victim was found hanging on the bedroom door with a piece of nylon cord by his younger brother named Eva Yanda who were suspicious in the absence of an answer after repeatedly invoked.

Police Chief Adjunct Senior Palalawan Ariwibowo S Sik accompanied by police chief Bunut through the publicity department confirmed the existence of the suicide in the jurisdiction of police Bunut, for the strong suspicion that the cause of disappointment and heartbreak for her beloved boyfriend arranged marriage with another woman.

"To reinforce our suspicion of their findings in hp victims who reads a text message to his ex-girlfriend" (TR / Ishar.d)

Tool Sip Drug Found in Riau Parliament Building

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TOPRIAU, Pekanbaru - Police officers found the wrapper and suction tool of methamphetamine at the parliament Riau. The case is still under investigation to uncover the drug trafficking in the council building.

Drug Investigation Team Pekanbaru Police immediately searched the parliament building Riau Province, after being informed of the discovery of drug equipment. Police combed several rooms to find items suspected drug equipment.

After conducting the search police found a lighter wrapper and shabu suction tool in the Control Room Air Conditioning Riau third floor of the parliament building or precisely located above the plenary hall.

Police immediately seized evidence including a board inscribed with prohibited nyabu (suction methamphetamine). The police also searched locations around Riau parliament plenary room, but officers did not find methamphetamine or other drug types.

Head of the Drug Investigation Unit Police Commissioner Iwan Lesmana Reza Pekanbaru reported findings that drug equipment to the Deputy Chairman of Parliament Riau Noviwaldy

Chairman of the board said he did not know of Riau DPRD building used as a place to consume drugs. Noviwaldy ask the public not to prejudge the case proved negative before the police.

Police Pekanbaru Riau parliament will examine employee and witnesses who thought to know the origin of the methamphetamine found iisap tool.

Riau Police Bomb Squad Evacuation Suspected Mortar Still Active

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TOPRIAU, KAMPAR - The discovery of a mortar in Kampung Dusun Godang Opponent Island Village, District Bangkinang, immediately follow up by Tim Tamer Bomb (Jibom) of Riau Police Mobile Brigade. Jibom team who came to direct mortar invention provide security by using a special tool bomb squad. Officers immediately make extray the old mortar, suspected to be active.

After several attempts to ascertain the condition of the liveliness of the mortar, but the clerk still experiencing problems and failed to find out. Jibom team was immediately decided to bring the mortar to Mako Brimob Polda Riau in Pekanbaru.

"The mortar is a kind of mortar of 80 millimeters and allegedly still active. We will bring the mortar to Mako Brimob Polda Riau to do taming", Kanit Jibom Satbrimobda Riau Police, Ipda Suhartono.

Meanwhile, Kampar police chief, Superintendent Edy Sumardi Priadinata asked the citizens if they find any suspicious objects to immediately report to the officer and do not try to lift the thing, apalgi save for dikwatirkan they may explode when moved.

To ensure the object allegedly relics of the Dutch aggression, Tim Jibom Riau Police evacuated the bodies to carry out further research. (TR / Today)

Suspected mortar Still Active Citizens Found in Sungai Kampar, Because Curious Objects are stored in Home For 4 Days

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TOPRIAU, KAMPAR - A resident in Kampung Dusun Godang, Lawas Island Village, District Bangkinang, Kampar District, Riau Province, found a mortar. Mortar, suspected to be active, found people in the Kampar River while fishing. Curious mortar inventors were able to save the items at his home for four days.

Kampar police officers from the Police when he gets straight to the discovery site report mortar as well put up a police line around the location for sterilizing of the citizens for allegedly mortar legacy of the Age of the Netherlands is still active.

According to the inventor mortar, Suparman, itself when it is looking for fish in the river flow Kampar, when he came down for a dive, he felt the presence of an object made of iron. Then the object is lifted and brought him home.

"Before I reported to the police of the mortar was I save for four days at home," explained Suparman.

Bangkinang City police chief, Inspector Habibanil acknowledged that it received a report from one of the residents that there was a mortar found residents in the Kampar River flow while fishing.

"I was with personnel directly down to the location to secure the location of the discovery," explained Iptu Habibbanil.

To secure the scene police officers immediately put up a police line to anticipate that people do not go near the site of the mortar findings. Parties to the police station immediately reported the invention of Brimob Riau Police bomb squad team to evacuate the mortar. (TR / Today)

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