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Suspected mortar Still Active Citizens Found in Sungai Kampar, Because Curious Objects are stored in Home For 4 Days

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TOPRIAU, KAMPAR - A resident in Kampung Dusun Godang, Lawas Island Village, District Bangkinang, Kampar District, Riau Province, found a mortar. Mortar, suspected to be active, found people in the Kampar River while fishing. Curious mortar inventors were able to save the items at his home for four days.

Kampar police officers from the Police when he gets straight to the discovery site report mortar as well put up a police line around the location for sterilizing of the citizens for allegedly mortar legacy of the Age of the Netherlands is still active.

According to the inventor mortar, Suparman, itself when it is looking for fish in the river flow Kampar, when he came down for a dive, he felt the presence of an object made of iron. Then the object is lifted and brought him home.

"Before I reported to the police of the mortar was I save for four days at home," explained Suparman.

Bangkinang City police chief, Inspector Habibanil acknowledged that it received a report from one of the residents that there was a mortar found residents in the Kampar River flow while fishing.

"I was with personnel directly down to the location to secure the location of the discovery," explained Iptu Habibbanil.

To secure the scene police officers immediately put up a police line to anticipate that people do not go near the site of the mortar findings. Parties to the police station immediately reported the invention of Brimob Riau Police bomb squad team to evacuate the mortar. (TR / Today)

Before Hanging Yourself, Palm Guard in Pelalawan Leave Letter in Batak language

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TOPRIAU, BASES KERINCI - keepers of oil palm plantations belonging to Berlianto Tumanggor in Hamlet Tasik Indah Desa Segati District of Langgam initials ES (33 years) before the dead hanging himself left a message written in Batak language, which reads unank i jou lpae tu par 32 on before dibalui lae au in gitjang up olo jolo Julma manjaga in- come om marsona au tu lae 10 Jaro pasapusadahon uluku reparation getap to matali i Rp 1,000,000 ebasna.

Wartwan summarized information from the Police publicist Palalawan, these events diketahu police after the victim named Berlianto Tumanggor employers report together heads of village and residents Tasik Indah to the Police Langgam because the victim got an SMS from a strange contents.

Follow up to the report, police station attendant directly down to the location, but after arriving at the location of the group saw the victim in a position hanging lifeless, besides the group found the piece of paper that reads Batak language and currency Rp100.ribu sheet.

Police Chief Adjunct Senior Palalawan Ariwibowo S Sik through police chief, Inspector Langgam Rusmiza justify Helpi found a man named Asril Edvardsin Sinaga 33 th hanging by a rope dipondok oil palm plantations belonging to Berlianto Tumanggor.

"On the floor near the victim also is found a piece of paper that read language and for a while we are still not able to infer the motives of victims," ​​he said. (Ishar.D)

Fleeing One Month, perpetrators of abuse A Police secured Schoolgirl

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TOPRIAU, KAMPAR - Runaway I-G (17 years old) for one month ended, after the Police Criminal Investigation Unit Kampar Saturday (10/09) managed to secure the alleged perpetrator of abuse against a student.

Villagers Kuok, the Kuok subdistrict, Kampar district, the police custody at his residence. In addition to reckless molested schoolgirls initials A-H (16 years old) Bangkinang District residents, the perpetrators also made off with the student who is also his own girlfriend. Action perpetrators of abuse carried out in one of the cafes in the city Bangkinang.

From the description I-G, he has repeatedly commit sexual abuse against the victim / and the action was done because the flavor was consensual. I-G also admits that among them there is a relationship that has existed for approximately one year.

Criminal Police, Adj Kampar, Y.E AKP Bambang Dewanto said it managed to secure the perpetrators of sexual abuse once ran a child under umu / and the offender is currently being carried out further investigation.

"From the description he had sexually abused the victim several times in several places before being taken away by the perpetrators," said Bambang.

To account for his actions, actors currently detained by investigators in Kampar police station cells, for further investigation. Perpetrators will be prosecuted under Law RI / No. 35 of 2014 / On the Amendment of Law No. 23 of 2002 / About the Child Protection Junto Law Number 11 Year 2012 / About the System of Juvenile Justice which carries a minimum penalty of four years and a maximum of 15 years in prison jail. (TR / Today)

Civil Servants, Riau Provincial Drug Dealers Thus, Arrested When Trading

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TOPRIAU, Pekanbaru - A Civil Servant, the Riau provincial government determined to be a drug dealer. The police finally managed to catch civil servants serving in the municipal police, when will transact drugs. Officers from the suspects managed to secure tens of xtc pills and five packages of methamphetamine along with digital scales.

Civil Servants arrest DZ's initials, started from the information society are troubled by the act of the suspect. Pp municipal police member was arrested when officers will conduct transactions Ababil Street, District Sukajadi, Pekanbaru.

When arrested, active civil servants had a chance to dispose of the evidence 25 xtc pills wrapped in cigarette box, but the officer was not convinced and finally managed to find illicit goods.

Police immediately develop to the suspect's house in a residential Melati Indah Garden, District Charming. At home DZ, returning officers found five plastic bags containing the illicit drug shabu shabu, digital scales, suction apparatus and hundreds of plastic bags wrapping.

"We do development at the suspect's house and in the closet suspect we get five packs of shabu shabu consisting of four small packages and one big package also one pills xtc. From the results of the examination, the suspect is a civil servant in the Riau provincial government," explained police chief Umbrella Sekaki, AKP Nardy M Marbun.

To account for his actions, civil servants suspected drug dealers this, secured in police custody cells Umbrella Sekaki, in order to follow the legal process more ore. (TR / RS)

Two Drug Dealers Arrested

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TOPRIAU, KAMPAR - Two drug dealers along with evidence of tens of grams of shabu shabu successfully arrested Tapung Police Criminal Investigation Unit, Kampar District, Riau Province. This success, is the biggest arrest of Kampar district police ranks in August 2016

Both drug dealers have successfully arrested, identified as F-A (31 years) resident of Jalan Garuda Sakti, Kilo meter 8 Desa Karya Indah subdistrict Tapung and D-H (36 years) who Flamboyan III Tanjung Sawit subdistrict Tapung Kampar regency.

In addition to the drug dealers also managed to secure the Kampar district police narcotics types of shabu shabu weighing 50 grams, if cashed valued at approximately 65 million.

Kampar police chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Sumardi Priadinata Edy said the two drug dealers have long been targeted and is the target of the police operation. Both were arrested thanks to public complaints.

Kampar district police continued to hunt for dealers and other dealers are expected to remain a lot of wandering, given the Kampar region is an area of ​​the track and prone entered drug network. (TR / Today)

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