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Pressed quibble Economic Needs Transport Workers in Siak Hulu Police Arrested

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TOPRIAU, KAMPAR - Desperate distribute narcotics types of shabu shabu, a transport worker in the village Teratak Buluh, Siak Hulu subdistrict, Kampar District Criminal Police Unit officers secured Siak Hulu. Performers secured at his residence in the middle of waiting for a buyer who will pick illicit goods.

Besides scooped workers unloading initials A-R (39 years old) Police seized 10 packages of narcotics type of shabu shabu being one unit
mobile phones and cash sebesarar 100 thousand rupiah allegedly
is the result of the sale of illicit goods.

The suspect confessed, he was just three months into the illicit business because of economic pressure, he usually bought shabu shabu as one jie and from the sales he made a profit of three hundred thousand rupiah.

"I were forced to sell shabu shabu out of economic necessity, I use the money from the sale of daily use," said A-R.

Meanwhile, Chief of Unit Criminal Police Siak Hulu, Ipda Novris Simanjuntak said the arrests are the result of the Examiner Team Siak Hulu Opsnal police who have long been the perpetrator.

"The arrest is the seriousness we are already committed to the fight against narcotics in Siak Hulu Police Jurisdiction", obviously Ipda Novris.

To account for his actions actors while secured in a police station cell Siak Hulu and will be charged with Article 112 paragraph 1 junto 114 paragraph 1 of Law No. 35 Year 2009 on Narcotics, under penalty of a minimum of four years and maximum 15 years in prison. (TR / Today)

Tradition Manongkah in Inhil District, Riau Province, Indonesia

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TOPRIAU, Inhil - Indragiri Hilir (Inhil) of Riau Province, Indonesia held the Festival Menongkah travel event or looking for shells by walking in the mud using the board. The festival is a record with the highest Mud Bath category by the number of 147 participants.

The festival, which opened on Sunday (7/8) is a community teradisi Duanu Tribe is trying maintained by the district government and promoted Inhil be one event Inhil travel.

"Event Heritage Festival 2016 Menongkah so we support to be carried on because this is a community cultural Inhil Duano particular tribe, we hope future can still be implemented again," said Regent Inhil, HM Wardan on Sunday (07.08.16)

Regent further explained, in the form of support given to the Local Government Department of Youth activities undertaken sport, culture and tourism, future events Menongkah we will make an annual event.

Meanwhile, Head of Youth, sports, culture and tourism Inhil, Junaidi Ismail said that the activities Menongkah future.

"Menongkah is a community icon Duano and also an attempt to maintain local knowledge and lift Duano community activities that rely for a living Menongkah tradition," he said.

"We will continue to preserve and promote to the general public. And this proves to us from the Department of Youth sport, culture and tourism seriously develop tourism and culture. Moreover, the activities Menongkah Heritage 2016 re-carve the achievement by carrying record by category mud bath most earlier in the year 2008 has also been included in the record Muri by category Menongkah Most, "added Ismail Junaidi. (TR / SAFIR)

Need to Pay School Children reckless truck driver Selling drugs

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TOPRIAU, KAMPAR - A truck driver identified as the origin of western Sumatra reckless n become drug dealers kind of shabu shabu, he became desperate sellers shabu shabu because of the urgent need for the economy to meet the needs of the tuition fees.

Here hn (34 years) resident districts depths alung Padang Pariaman district, he was forced to deal attendant units criminal detectives, police station Tapung being caught when transacting narcotics with its customers in the shaft area of ??oil palm plantations track vii alamanda village senses magic districts Tapung, district of Kampar, province Riau.

We conducted a search of the perpetrators officers also found evidence in the form of small packages of narcotics type of methamphetamine stored in clear plastic. Police seized a unit of mobile phones and cash amounting to 250 thousand rupiah allegedly the result of the sale of illicit goods.

Recognition of the suspects h-n, her desperate nyambi become drug dealers kind of shabu shabu, because it takes money to pay their children's school supplies, this illicit business only been a week they do.

Kanit reskrim Tapung police station, Inspector asdisyah Mursid said p-n arrests began when officers received information that there will be a drug transaction in the village area districts Tapung powerful senses. follow up on this information, the team opsnal Tapung police station immediately went to the location to investigate.

To account for his actions, the perpetrators were forced to curl up in custody, police station Tapung to follow the legal process further. ((TR / Today)

Theft Action rife Lingerie in Pematang Reba District Inhu

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TOPRIAU, Inhu - Action theft bra and panties increasingly widespread, Causeway Village residents Reba, District Rengat West, Indragiri Hulu (Inhu) begin a scene by the action of women's underwear thief's.

Thieves are expected to be carried by a man's berkasi at night and was captured on CCTV on Saturday (30/7) at around 22:25 pm.

To the womenfolk not to leave clothes, especially underwear on the clothesline until late at night, because it was feared panties women exploited for negative things. This appeal submitted by the police chief, Commissioner Western Rengat ST accompanied Bhabinkamtibmas Franky Tambunan Village Causeway Reba Bripka Misran, Tuesday (2/8).

"We received reports of residents in Sari Village Gate Road Causeway Reba who admitted losing in women's clothing on the night," he said.

From these reports, it is known underwear belonging Gate Road residents Sari stolen by an unidentified man, it made it known from CCTV footage in the victim's house and seen somebody is picking up clothes being dried.

"The results can be seen CCTV footage of a man with the characteristics of a jacket and in jackets and shirts in white, was seen taking her bra and panties on the clothesline citizens," said Misran.

The perpetrator is still under investigation and is still wandering, expected no more victims. Because, motif underwear theft is unknown and could be used for negative things or black magic or because of sexual disorders.

Causeway village security officer Reba Misran Bripka also appealed to residents not to dry the clothes in until late at night, especially lingerie .. (TR / IR)

Police searched the home Drug Dealers

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TOPRIAU. KAMPAR - Board Kampar Police Narcotics Investigation Unit conducted a house search returned a citizen belonging to a city narcotics. This shakedown, conducted on the information of three teenage children who previously secured the clerk in one of the guesthouses in the city Bangkinang, Kampar.

Before the police searched first conducting reconnaissance in a house in the village of Pasir beehive, District Bangkinang, to ensure the existence of an alleged drug supplier to the three types of teenagers.

After conducting reconnaissance for nearly two hours, officers immediately searched the residence of the offender. From the results of the search, the police managed to secure a principal initials A-N aka U-A (36 years old) Pasir Village residents beehive, District Bangkinang

Adj Police Narcotics Kampar, AKP Tapip Usman, said the arrests on actors other received information from three teenage children who previously secured, the offender is also a target operation that has long coveted.

"When we do a search at the residence of the offender, the officer only find tools sucker drugs such as bongs, straws, Pyrex glass and a few pieces of plastic," explained AKP Tapip Usman.

Monitoring the residence of the offender, the officer conducting the search in every corner of the room and the room contained the residence of the offender. Police also raided every closet actors to look for evidence of narcotics type of shabu shabu trying stored offender. (TR / Today)

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