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A party drug in the guesthouse, Three Teens secured Kampar district police

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TOPRIAU, KAMPAR - Officers Joint Team of Unit Intelkam and Kampar Police Narcotics Unit, raided a room located in one of the guesthouses in the city Bangkinang, Kampar. Raids carried out after reports that a number of juvenile residents to organize a party central narcotics.

We conducted a search, the officers found three teenage children amid cool to party drugs. All three teens are each known initials, S-R (19 years old) and D-S (18 years old), both of which are villagers of Bukit Sembilan, District Bangkinang. While one of them is a woman identified as R-S (19 years old) Village residents Kasikan, District Tapung Hulu.

When in searched, the officer managed to find suckers combination of methamphetamine, including one fruit and one Pyrex glass bong. When interrogated three teenagers have admitted benighted and forced her to sleep in the rooms of the guest house.

Adj Police Narcotics Kampar, AKP Tapip Usman, said the arrest of three teenagers have, for the information of citizens and a joint team immediately moved to the location. At that time, the officers found three teenagers to the middle was in the room.

"When in the searched against these youngsters, found no narcotics, however, when two people do a urine test positive and the woman is not positive for narcotics," explained AKP Tapip Usman.

Adolescents Responsibility is, directly led officers to the Kampar police headquarters for investigation and development from which they obtain narcotics. (TR / Today)

more palatable drug suction 4 Arrested Kampar residents soldiers

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TOPRIAU, KAMPAR - Four residents who were cool to hold a party at his residence narcotics, secured the Army from Battalion 132 Milky Way Salo. In addition to securing the four residents, personnel of the Army's intelligence, also secure some evidence in the form of a set of shabu sucker as bongs, glass Pyrex and three units heandpone as well as some cash.

Before being handed over to the police, the four people arrested in the shabu party, secured in Battalion 132 of the Milky Way Salo, Salo Village, District Salo, Kampar. Riau Province.
Residents who picked up the fourth, each with initial I-S (33 years old) Road residents Muhammad Yamin /, Gang Sony, District Bangkinang City. A-H (23 years old) Villagers Jalai Muara, North Kampar District. and R-H (32 years) as well as W-S (22 years old) who were both Villagers Salo, Salo subdistrict, Kampar.
We conducted the raid, four actors, is hosting a party drug shabu shabu on the type of offender residence R-H in the village of Salo.

In addition to capturing the perpetrators of the TNI also secure the evidence, in the form of a set of tools suction methamphetamine, glass pirek in which they are the remaining three units handpone shabu shabu.

According to the actors, R-H, illicit goods derived from new friends and once participated nyabu.

"We raided by officers when nyabu, this stuff I get from friends," explained R-H.

The fourth drug offenses are shown to the residents in the complex of Battalion 132 of the Milky Way, a battalion commander or Danyon remind residents to always give information if you saw the crime, especially drugs. Furthermore, the four actors of this drug, handed over to the police station for processing Kampar law.

Battalion Commander 132 Milky Way Salo, Lt. Col. Infantry, Nurul Yakin, said that these arrests, in cooperation with community intelligence personnel who have been frustrated over the state of their villages are nests narcotics.

"Upon receiving the report, the personnel directly pengrebekan at the residence of one of the perpetrators and managed to secure four villagers suspect is to organize a party drug types shabu shabu," explained Lt. Col. Nurul Yakin. (TR / Today)

Pilgrimage Mass Grave in Bangkinang Thousands Relah Walking Tens Kilo Meters

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TOPRIAU, Bangkinang - Thousands of Bangkinang Kampar, Riau Province, took to the streets do Pilgrimage Mass in the cemetery, they walked dozens of kilos go to every funeral that exist throughout Bangkinang District Area. Pilgrimage Mass Grave, other than pray for ancestors and food for thought as well as a platform to promote good relations among friends

Mass Grave Ziara this, starting with the walk to the cemetery to be on a pilgrimage, each group will be coordinated by the Head of Tribal or village head of each village. One group consists of hundreds or even thousands of people.

These pilgrims has its own characteristics, each carrying a sarong, normally the sarong, wrapped around the neck, there is also tied in the head and waist.

A crowd gathered at the cemetery later dalanjutkan by reading tahlil and tahmid with the same, led by a master teacher or priest, is covered by the tahlil series of prayers to the spirits in the thousands of individual amen.

After doing tahlil and prayers of thousands of citizens went on pilgrimage other graves, one by one grave in Sub Bangkinang diziarahi one by one and do the same thing which is to pray for the spirits. This grave pilgrimage, lasted from morning until noon.

According to one community leader, grave pilgrimage this mass longstanding ranging from ancestors, purpose other than to pray for the spirits of the dead, as well as self-reflection for the life that all humans would die, in addition, also to promote good relations among friends and families, because people are all gathered including those from overseas.

"Events of this grave pilgrimage, should be preserved, because in addition to praying for the souls, it also contains a huge benefit, including to strengthen and deepen good relations among friends.", Said Hamdani.

This mass grave pilgrimage, done after fasting six days in Shawwal month, residents celebrate the fasting six by performing pilgrimage Mass Grave in the entire District of Bangkinang. Six Eid this, for society Bangkinang known as Zora Come to the meaning of the feast day pilgrimage. (TR)

Until the period from January to July 2016, 1,400 Hectares Riau Already Burned

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TOPRIAU, PEKANBARU - Based Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Riau Province, there are at least 1,400 hectares of land burned in several regions from January to July 2016.

"This is far lower than last year," said Chief BPBDs Riau Province, Edwar Sanger told reporters on Tuesday (12/07/2016).

The decline in land and forest fires in Riau, said Edwar, thanks to the alertness of the Task Force (Task Force) who still work from the field in spite of the Eid. Where do they keep the land so as not to burn.

"Prevention of fires continue to be undertaken. The officer on alert although 1 to July 12, 2016 their holiday stay spaciousness anticipation at any time if there is a fire," he explained.

In addition, it also has menpersiapkan five helicopters and water in case Karhutla tractor. With so fire management can be done quickly.

Earlier, the Governor of Riau Aryadjuliandi Rachman also appreciated the performance of the task force continues to conduct fire prevention and forest land Bumi Lancang Kuning in Eid. TR / AJ)

Upset Disconnecting unilateral, A Desperate Youth rape Ex-Girlfriend

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TOPRIAU, unilaterally decided Pekanbaru Because a young man in the city of Pekanbaru reckless molested her former lover. The depraved treatment, the accused in a hotel in Sukajadi Pekanbaru, Riau.

Starting when the former broke, do not accept that the suspect asked the former to meet. After persuading the suspect several times finally got persetuan to meet former lover.

The suspect picked the victim after school. Initially the suspect only invite the victim to get around in order to solve their problems by suspects who have not finished.
From there then appeared intent vicious suspect to commit an act of indecent

According to Police Commissioner Ben Arianto as Pekanbaru, if the victim's father reported that his son had not come home. The suspect was arrested by the victims' families when the suspect drove the victim home.

The act of recognition of the suspect for the first time yes do. For the treatment of the accused charged under Article 289 of molestation sentence by sentence of five years in prison. (TR/Vie)

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