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Tradition Manjalang Mamak in Kampar, Expected Keep Survive

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TOPRIAU, KAMPAR, - Times may change technology may be sophisticated, but culture and tradition do not fade in the public life in the village of Muara Baru subdistrict Tapung Mahat.

It was submitted Rachmat Ssos as Head Tapung in front of thousands of people who attend the annual event called Mamak child Manjalang nephew, on Saturday (07.09.16).

Of the overall existing tribal such as Malay, Domo, Chaniago, Piliang and others, the tradition has ancient roots since Muara Mahat Lama submerged by Koto Panjang Hydroelectric seemed timeless and still adhered to the public until now.

On the occasion, on behalf of Kampar Regent Jefri Noer, Head Tapung once inaugurated Balai Adat Kenegerian Mahat Muara Baru, and convey THAT these activities should be maintained and if possible every year further enhanced.

"This is a very positive activity in which the children and nephew apologize to ninik mamak, so closely intertwined rope silaturrahmi automatically," said district head.

He added, representing the Government of Kampar he appealed to all children nephew in order to better appreciate the mamak or uncle who has been in the old right in the village, and the mamak the adat should be shared as steps and seayun hand for support and success of any government programs Kampar, because between the government and the traditional authorities like bapilin tigo rope (rope twisting three) meaning consistent and mutually have an attachment that requires. (TR / INRI)

underage girl in Kampar, stepfather repeatedly raped

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TOPRIAU-KAMPAR, A New Child (ABG) new first grade vocational schools in Kampar, Riau province, his stepfather sexually abused repeatedly. This immoral deed, do stepfather with the threat would not pay for school, if refused intercourse.

As a result of alleged acts berinisal Ad (50 years) villagers of Sungai Pinang, District Mine, this Kampar regency, forced to deal with women and children care units, Kampar district police criminal detective unit.

This middle-aged man, did the victim of abuse against Mi (16 years old) because it is not strong look at the body of his stepson began to grow large.

Action lecherous stepfather's father, aunt finally uncovered by the unsuspecting victim to the condition posture nephew. Once persuaded, the victim finally admitted that he had almost three years to make slaves of lust depraved the stepfather. Even if the victim does not want to serve the suspect depraved lust, the stepfather threatened to dismiss her school fees.

In front of the investigators, the suspect Ad, recognizes acts of abuse was committed since 2012 ago, the depraved actions, carried out in a rubber plantation and in the victim's room. This senono acts done by sneaking disebuh day when the victim's mother cooking in the kitchen.

To account for perbutannya, the offender must be languishing in prison cells Mapolres Kampar, to take further legal proceedings. (AB)

children 9 years old girl was repeatedly raped, unfortunately rape in front of the victim's mother

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TOPRIAU, KAMPAR- Sexual violence against minors, was repeated again in Kampar, Riau. This time, it happened to a nine-year-old boy. The perpetrator is the victim's stepfather bear repeatedly molested victims. Mirisnya again, these obscene acts, carried out in the presence of the perpetrator the victim's mother.

does not have humanely, that's the right word addressed to the perpetrators of this sexual abuse, perpetrators initials J-P (25 years old) bear molested a kid initials M-A only nine years old.

This action, known, after the victim could not stand on his stepfather barbaric act. The victim eventually reported the deed, the biological father.
No thank bejad her child's actions, the victim's father then reported the incident, to the police Mine.

"Disclosure of this case, after a report from the biological father of the victims to sexual abuse suffered by children. Deeds stepfather victims do berualang times before the victim's mother" said Police Chief Mine, AKP R. Zuhri Siregar

Currently, the Criminal Police Investigators Unit Mines, continue to investigate the case which is not berprikamanusiaan, including securing the offender, for further investigation. Offender charged with Article 82 of Law No. 35 of 2014 on Protection of Children, with a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison. (TR / Today)

Post Bom Solo, Policing in Kampar police station Tightened

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TOPRIAU, KAMPAR - Police (Police) tightened Kampar police headquarters, not only in Kampar police station, but increased vigilance also done to the ranks of the Police Headquarters and police stations in the Kampar district police ranks.

Increasing these safeguards, following the suicide bombing that occurred in Surakarta Solo Mapolresta Tuesday. Every member who carry picket duty seen armed with rifles and always wear a bulletproof vest.

Tight security was carried out in order to guard themselves that something unexpected happens. Every guest who will visit conducted body searches by using the tool defektor. Kampar district police also imposed a gate to enter and exit the guests.

Head of the Police Service Integrated (KASPKT) Kampar district police, Ipda Jurfredi, confirmed that the aftermath of the suicide bombings in Mapolresta Surakarta, Solo, he is now tightened in Kampar police station and every guard was always armed with a rifle. For guests who will visit and will do a physical examination of goods by using the tool metal detector.

Monitoring the Kampar police station looked every guest who comes immediately greeted by the officer on duty and do a physical examination and the goods in front of the fence by using the tool metal detector, then the officer of Bhabinkantibmas, the guests delivered directly to the place you want to jump. (TR / Today)

Heart intent Debt Charge, A Youth in Inhil Precisely Got stab

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TOPRIAU, Inhil - The fate of apes experienced Erfendi (23) Village residents Tegaraja, District Kateman, Indragiri Hilir. Plan wants to collect a debt, Erfendi actually received stab wounds to be rushed to the emergency room health center Guntung River.

As information is obtained from the Police Department, the incident began when Erfendi with his friend, Sarifuddin (21), went to the house Tomi being in the way of General Sudirman trench 8 village, Tegaraja, to collect debts amounting to Rp 120,000.

"At the scene, the victim calling Tomi from outside. Because there was no answer, and then he went into the house and asked the sister Tomi and answered pertinent in her room," said Paur Police Public Relations Inhil, Ipda Heriman Son, on Wednesday (29 this new /6).aru.

Got the answer, victims straight into the mouth of the offender and quarrel.

"Then the old man perpetrator was not happy and drove the victim out. After the victim until suddenly outside actors coming from inside the house and stabbed the victim with the blade of the dagger in the left abdomen," he explained.

As a result of the incident the victim suffered stab wounds. Victims were rushed to the emergency room Guntung River Health Center for medical treatment prior to referral to hospitals Puri Husada Tembilahan.

"While the perpetrators escaped and are still at large," said Heriman. (SAFIR)

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