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Coming a day Birthday, A Boy in the Lost Drawn Bangkinang Rain

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TOPRIAU, Bangkinang CITY - Rain with a high intensity that hit the city of Bangkinang, Kampar, Riau province, in addition to making the most waterlogged Bangkinang City also casualties. A 9 year old boy got carried away during the middle of the water to cross and slip. Until now, the poor boy has not yet been found.

The loss of this boy, suddenly becomes the center of attention, the location of the swift current swept the boy runoff rain water is filled with residents Bangkinang. Residents keen to see closer to knowing the boy in the loss.

Boy named Faiz Alfarafi that on the birthday of November 2016 to 10 this year, fell into a ditch. When the current is quite heavy because of the heavy rain, so the body of this poor kid drifting.

This kid along with five of his friends were playing behind Surau Darus Salam, Jalan Melati not far from the drainage of discharge which leads to Kampar River flow. At that time, the drainage of water in the middle of the high rise and the current is quite heavy because of previous rain.

Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Kampar assisted local residents participate in conducting a search by combing the location of the loss of the boy at Jalan Singamangaraja, Gang Matra, District Bangkinang this town.

BPBD head Kampar, Santoso said, this poor kid drifting swept around 16:30 pm when playing with friends of his. At that time, the weather was pouring rain.

Until now, the search for the boy continued, the family is hoping victim boy quickly found. (TR / Today)

Ambulance Collisions with Motorcycles in Pelalawan, The Junior Student Killed

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TOPRIAU, KERINCI BASES - The collision between an ambulance on a motorcycle at KM 84 Desa Kemang District of Pangkalan Kuras, Pelalawan resulted in one person died.

Ambulance Hospital Efkarina BM 9145 CK driven by Lion Purba while motorcyclists brand Vario BM 5406 IC driven by Rudi Pratama Silaen (13 years old). Rudi is known still a junior high school student was killed shortly arrived at the hospital.

Description summarized reporter from Police Public Relations Palalawan Ferries, the accident occurred on Wednesday (26/10/2016) around 19:30 pm at the Desa Kemang between motorcycles resulted in loss of life and damages ranging from Rp 5.000.000, - In this incident Rudy pratama Silaen 13 th had to stretch his life after arriving at the hospital Efarina Pangkalan Kerinci and his sister Maria Princess Silaen still receiving treatment.

This accident started when the vehicle is moving in one direction of Pangkalan Kerinci to Pangkalan Kuras, but when he got Kilo Metres (KM) 84 suddenly driven motorcycles Vario Rudy Pratama turn without giving aba aba, finally accident was unavoidable.

Motorcycle driven by Rudi regardless of the vehicle in tow immediately turn to the right, while the distance procession between ambulance L 300 BM 9145 CK driven Lion Coal with motorcycles too close and making the driver lose control so that the motorcycle hit by a car Ambulance ", he explained ,

Police Chief Adjunct Senior Palalawan Ariwibowo S IK accompanied by visible AKP Refina SIK So when confirmed justify the events of the accident, one of the main of them died in the hospital.

"In this incident the victim Rudy Pratt died after arriving at the hospital, her sister Princess Maria treated in Efarina, while the driver and two KBM already we have secured in Pelalawan police station in order to further process", he explained. (TR / Ishar.d)

Robbers Car Upside Down, When the police chase recently

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TOPRIAU, Palalawan - Action robbery in Pelalawan colored by the police chase recently, drama chase recently ended after the car Toyota Avanza type of car used by the perpetrator to rob a tank car containing palm oil from PT Inti Indosawit reverse Ukui
According to information from the Police Public Relations summarized journalists Palalawan Madi and Feri events begins on 20 October 2016, at about 22 .00 Member Bandar Police Seikijang see BM 989 BU tank car allegedly carrying parking CPO suspicious after checking it turns out in the back of the car found a man man named Aprizal in state hands and feet tied and eyes taped.

When police rescued victims of car types Avanza comes in black approached the tanker, saw a police officer WS Avanza driver fled at high speed. Finally, just in Simpang CKS Avanza initial WS upside down so that driver can not move and at that moment Avanza car with the driver secured.

"Two people who surrounded the car ran towards the bush Coconut garden saw is still chasing the police" he explained.

Police Chief Adjunct Senior Palalawan Ariwibowo S IK through naked Criminal AKP Herman pelani SH justify these events, he said the suspects were three people and only one person was caught with the vehicle used them to misbehave.

"For now suspect along Avanza evidence has been secured for further proceedings explained". (TR / Ishar.d)

Circulate reckless drug, driver and helper Tronton Police Arrested Tapung

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TOPRIAU, KAMPAR - Board Unit Tapung Criminal Police successfully arrested the truck driver and helper were desperate moonlight as drug dealers in the District Area Tapung, Kampar. From the hands of the suspect officers confiscated a package ready to distribute methamphetamine and some cash from the sale of suspected illicit goods.

The police arrested the suspect identified as B-S (19 years old) residents of Sumber Makmur and W-N (31 years old) Village residents Tri Manunggal, District Tapung Kampar regency. The driver and helper on this tronton truck can not be evasive when ambushed the officer beside Madrasah Aliyah Sumber Makmur, who was sitting on a motorcycle like the middle waiting for someone. When digledah narcotics officers found a packet type of shabu shabu in his pocket.

"Sabu shabu were delivered B-S belongs to me, the stuff I got from someone," explained WN

Kanit Tapung Criminal Police, Inspector Asdisyah Mursid, say, the unfolding of this case, after officers received a report from the public that in their areas were often drug deals.

"After two days of investigation team Tapung Opsnal Police suspect the target leads to B-S which is awaiting its customers time that the perpetrators were ambushed," he said.

Perpetrators and the evidence is now secured officer and two actors will be charged under Article 112 Paragraph 1 Junto 114 Ri Paragraph 1 of Law No. 35 Year 2009 on Narcotics, with the threat of minimum 5 years and maximum 20 years in prison. (TR / Today)

Was hit from the rear, Riders Motorcycle Stretch Lives Under Truck

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TOPRIAU, KERINCI BASES - Citizens Kayuara RT 01 RW 006 Kerumutan District of Pelalawan hit by a truck from behind. Victim identified as Malik is entered into under the truck and the final dying because the severity of collisions.

The accident occurred on Friday (10/14/2016) yesterday at around 16 30 pm last breath under the under the car Hino BM 9873 SA.dengan tragic circumstances.

Information obtained from the police traffic accident through the Police Public Relations Unit Palalawan, Madi, traffic accident incident began when a car Hino Truck with plate number BM 9873SA, driven by Tumpal S (38 years) who Tualang Siak speeding from the direction Sorek Towards Pangkalan Kerinci.

Precisely at KM 88 + 400 Desa Kemang District of Pangkalan Kuras motorcycle Kawasaki KLX driven Malik stopped the car Rear Halmahera truck and bus passengers are being raised.

With the condition of the road is flat and smooth, allegedly due to rather high speed Truck driver, Tumpal S lost control so that crashed into a motorcycle driven by Malik that was stopped waiting for the front-running cars.

"In this incident Malik along with his motorcycle drawn into it under the car, violence of the encounter makes the man's 41-year-old should be the last breath under the under the car. While Hino Truck driver fled from the wrath of the people", he explained.

Police Chief Superintendent Ariwibowo accompanied by visible Palalawan Then AKP Refina S IK laka necessarily justify the events that occurred on Friday yesterday. Team Police Unit Palalawan Laka went down do the crime scene and secure evidence of the car unit BM 9873 Truck SA and a unit of MSS Kawasaki KLX without plate number. Victims were rushed to the General Hospital (Hospital) Basil to do Visum.

"In following up this case we have noted a witness a witness who saw the incident and later on we will call to testify, while the driver is still in the search," he explained (ishar.D)

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