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Elephant Ivory Sales syndicate worth 1 billion Rupiah, Arrested

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TOPRIAU, Pekanbaru - Special Criminal Investigation Directorate, the Regional Police Riau, Indonesia, arrested five people syndicate sellers and buyers of ivory worth one billion rupiah. Five of the perpetrators syndicate protected animal organ sellers of this, one of them an individual head of the village.

After examined for five hours at room Investigator Special Criminal Investigation Directorate, Riau Regional Police, five elephant ivory trafficking syndicate were arrested in Jalan Arengka, Pekanbaru, immediately named as a suspect.

The fifth person syndicate that has each role consists of four citizens of Kampar and one person is a citizen of Aceh initials NA. While one of the Kampar residents, the village chief officers Gema, Kampar Kiri Hulu, Kampar.

In addition to the village chief officers, officers also jailed four other people to a cell of which the initials SF, YS, WT and MK.

Catching syndicate selling protected animals this organ, started from imformasi society. In addition to the five syndicate selling elephant ivory, officers also secured two rods elephant tusks weighing 46 kilograms with a value of 1 billion rupiah.

According to Superintendent Harry Wiyawan, Head of the Directorate of Special Criminal Investigation, Riau Regional Police reveal that elephant ivory prices, after the offender admitted to the market will sell the dark for 20 million a kilo gram

Five people syndicate selling protected animals such organ, proven to have violated Law No. 5, 1990, On the Natural Resources Conservation with the threat of five years in prison and a fine of 100 million rupiah.

Throughout 2016, the Riau Police had twice foiled trading of protected animals, in addition to these earlier cases, police also managed to secure two suspects and confiscated a variety of skin and internal organs protected animals. (TR / Ruly)

Hysterical surge Fire At Home Residents in Pekanbaru

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TOPRIAU, Pekanbaru - Fire densely populated Jalan Teratai, District Sukajadi, Pekanbaru, singe one housing unit. Homeowners who arrived after the incident was hysterical to see her home burned

Do not hold back the sadness to see her home on fire, homeowners Yuhermis crying hysterically. The neighbors and relatives tried to calm the mother, but the sobs broke out again after the other families also arrived in the location of fire.

At the time of the incident, the owner of the house, Azwir Zulkarnain and his wife were outside the house. While the house is only waiting for his son to sleep in the house.

Village residents Likes Thus, District Suka So, clustered salvage goods that was left of the fire.

According to one resident, Candra, the fire was first known by people passing, after seeing smoke from the ceiling of the house.

Although no casualties, but the loss due to this fire, estimated at hundreds of millions of rupiah. Although the fires occurred some time after the power is on, but the police from the police Sukajadi until this afternoon are still investigating the exact cause of the fire. (TR / Ruly)

Off Road Competition in Kampar, Off Roader struggling Skip Challenging Obstacles

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TOPRIAU, KAMPAR - Double Gardan Kampar Community, on Saturday (14/05) yesterday, held a Championship Off Road Competition, for lovers of sport Off Road in Riau Province, Indonesia. Competitions were held for two days, will be followed by dozens Offroader Riau and West Sumatra.

This competition, the trophy remains on the Indonesian Regional Board Offroader Federation (Pengda I-O-F Riau), the trophy remains of Chairman DG Kampar Community, as well as cash totaling tens of millions of rupiah.

Championship Off Road This competition, held at the Circuit Non-Permanent, Bangkinang Ring Road, Kampar, and will compare the two classes, namely Class Standard Non Winc and Extreme Class.

The activity was attended by dozens of club under I-O-F Board of Riau and West Sumatra province, will compete for the trophy remains of I-O-F Board of Riau and DG Kampar Community, as well as guiding money totaling tens of millions of rupiah.

"The location was taken on Championship Off Road competition is, quite challenging and extreme, with the condition of mud deep enough so exasperated the Off Roader in addition, there are also some obstacles that make the off roader to be extra careful," explained Off Roader, Awi Virga.

Lukman, Off Roader of Dumai, really enjoy this activity, because in addition to sports, these activities can also strengthen the good relations to all the off roader that is under the auspices of the IOF Board of Riau.

"I hope that in the future this kind of activity, constantly improved and propagated, not only in Kampar regency, but also in all districts in Riau province", he explained.

from monitoring activities at the site, it appears the vehicle a vehicle that has been designed specifically for off-road activities, must pass routes and obstacles that have been specified by the committee. The off Roader seen struggling across some obstacles. There are also vehicles that plunged into the hole and mud that allows the vehicle to be evacuated by the committee. (TR / Today)

Soccer Robot and Robot Dancers Entertain Viewers in Robot Contest at the Polytechnic Caltex Riau

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TOPRIAU, Pekanbaru - robot contest between universities in Sumatra began on Saturday (14/05), the degree of technology, characterized by the appearance of a variety of contestants who carries the flagship product, ranging from robot dancer, until the robot footballers.

Taking turns, the organizers of this Rumbai Polytechnic University, calling each participant to present their robot on stage. Robot contest which followed a number of Univerisitas in this Sumatra, took place at the Polytechnic Caltex Riau (PCR)

Using local arts costumes, like a real dancer, robot robot appearance of this nation's children, twisted contortion while a smile so that makes the boisterous audience in attendance.

Participants of this contest, showing the results of their best work, including a robot that can mimic traditional dance. No less interesting soccer robot appearance, enough to attract attention of hundreds of visitors.

"A total of 58 teams from 24 universities in Sumatra featuring works mainstay each with obsession will represent Sumatra in national robot contest which will be held next June in Surabaya," explained Chairman of the Committee, Zainal Arifin Renaldi

Robot contest among the students, it becomes an annual event in inviting the emergence of the innovators in the field of robotics.

152 Sumatran Elephants Dead

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At least 152 Sumatran elephants (Alphas maximus sumatranus) have been killed since 2012 and the threat continues. The disappearance of elephants in 13 areas is due to the fact that elephant habitats have been turned into plantations and one-crop forest land.

Just in January, five elephants were found dead. On Thursday (25/2/2016), an elephant was found dead in Tesso Nilo National Park (TNTN), Riau, by a joint team from the TNTN Center, the police and the Riau World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Syamsidar, Riau WWF spokesman, said a member who was patrolling the TNTN sent Riau WWF a text message on Thursday afternoon about a dead elephant. "There's no other statement to make. Until now, we have no idea of its gender, whether it is male or female, the time of death or any other information. We can't contact the patrol team as the phone signal there is low," he said.

Tanya Tjahjana, TNTN Center chief, was similarly unable to provide information on the elephant's death, explaining that he had not received a full report.

On the same day, a 10-year-old male elephant was found decapitated in the Rawa Bundar Resort, about 2 kilometers from the border of Way Kambas National Park (TNWK), Lampung. Its teeth were all over the carcass.

Dulhadi, TNWK Center chief, said the elephant was estimated to have died 6 to 7 days prior to decomposition. The results of an autopsy by TNWK veterinarians did not find a specific disease in the elephant's body. "The dead elephant, it is suspected, was a victim of poaching because it was found without tusks," he said.

The case is under investigation by the East Lampung Police. "We haven't figured out how the poachers killed the elephant. So far there is no evidence to suggest that a trap was used or it was shot," Dulhadi said. [*]

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