HP's busy playing, Still a tradition for members of the Plenary Session of Parliament Palalawan

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TOPRIAU, BASES KERINCI - It's supposed to be Members of the Board demonstrate good behavior in implementing the plenary session, as representatives of the people became an example for his people, Even if the behavior of the people's representatives are not good as where it is with the people, like the saying goes you pee standing necessarily his son would piss running ,

As it happened on Monday (31/10) at the Parliament Building Pelalawan in the activities of the plenary session on the budget approval Kabupten Palalawan 2016, which is currently chairman of the parliament as chairperson to convey the results of the commission's decision, they are fun to play Hp, ironically again chairman of the Golkar faction sitting ahead without further ado also played a handphone (HP)
One visitor berinitial Z, deeply regrets the attitude of the board members, as judged unethical plenary session took place when they were busy playing hp.

"We strongly deplore the attitude of the representatives in the plenary session, with the style of play during the trials hp impressed them no ethics, but they are there to make Rules of Procedure but why they do not perform.

The tone of pique residents rises Chairman of the Golkar faction also also played hp in the trial and consider not appreciate the chair ..

"Worse yet were busy playing FRACTION Hp is the chairman of Golkar, besides
violation of ethics also impressed not appreciate the chair in front of what else there is also a Vice Regent. We hope that in the future each in the plenary session they show good ethics and mutual respect ", he explained.

While Chairman of the Legislative Palalawan H Nazarudin SH when confirmation by text message explaining that more tau with the Rules of Procedure are his friends board members because they are easy, but if the general rate it less worthy ethically it's fine, because the council is a forum for representatives Hello people.

"So they have to show seriousness in the session, related to sanctions because I did not know Rule and ethics created by them", he explained.

While Indra Kampeh II deputy chairman of Gerindra mengaminkan the above statement, and hope that in the next plenary session in order to maintain ethics.

"Mmari we show to the public good ethics for us an example of people" he explained. (TR / Ishar.D)