Sabtu, 11 Juli 2020

Sadistic murder in North Rupat, bodies of victims Mutilated

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TOPRIAU, DUMAI- sadistic Murder occurred in Rupat, Bengkalis. Victim dismembered, then his body was inserted in a suitcase and a trunk included in the drum. Victim identified as Bayu Santoso (38), resident of Jl Datuk Laksamana RT 01 RW 01, Desa Tanjung Medang, District of North Rupat, Bengkalis.

Victim's body was found in a suitcase and alleged victim of mutilation. To ascertain the cause of death, Tim Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) Riau Police conduct an autopsy on the victim's body.

Implementation itself performed the autopsy in the morgue General Hospital (Hospital) Dumai on Monday (03.27.17) afternoon and was chaired by Kasubbid Dokpol Riau Police, Kompol Supryanto.

To reporters, Commissioner Surpyanto, said it was still collecting data related to the autopsy the murder victim's body. "We can not conclude the cause of death of victims," ??he said.

He explained that the case of the discovery of the bodies in Rupat island, Bengkalis this is a big case, and it also checks with comprehensive and more accurate.

"So there are some samples that we take to support the inspection, for publication on this result we are still waiting for instructions from the motor as the Bengkalis police chief in handling the case," he said.

As per the information, the body of an unknown man named Bayu Santoso street residents Tanjung Datuk Laksamana Rupat Medang Northern District of Bengkalis district, was found dead in a devastating condition.

Unknown bodies that were allegedly mutilated were stored in a suitcase and put kesebuah blue drum in the shop, the incident allegedly occurred on Friday (24/3) then.

The man alleged offender killer victims, HR is still in the chase by the police. Genesis itself in Jalan Datuk Laksamana, Desa Tanjung Medang, North Rupat, Bengkalis, in the shop belonging to the offender. (TR / RTC)