Extraordinary, 1 Kg Sabu and 8,000 Ecstasy pills Riau Police secured

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TOPRIAU, Pekanbaru - Detective Directorate of Narcotics and Drug Riau Police seized one kilogram of methamphetamine and 8,000 ecstasy pills in East Cross Road Village Sekijang District of Bandar Seikijang Pelalawan.

"Around 01.30 pm, with the assistance of local police personnel Bandar Seikijang freeze the car driven by the perpetrator which aim to Jakarta," said Head of Public Relations Riau Police, Pol Guntur Aryo Tejo in Pekanbaru on Friday.

Of cars are also known result of motor vehicle theft was secured four suspects. Two men Ayn (27) addresses Jakarta and RM (23) students Banten address. While the two women ES (22) and and FQS (24) both address Jakarta.

Evidence approximately one kilogram of methamphetamine was in the black plastic bag. While 8,000 suspected Ecstasy pill consists of two packs of three packs of blue and brown, but not yet counted details.

Chronology of his arrest on Tuesday (21/3) at 10.00 WIB personnel Drug Res Riau Police Directorate informed there would be a transaction in Resti Menara Hotel Pekanbaru. Then the personnel conducting investigations and the results obtained drug transaction information will be made on Thursday (23/3) at around 21:00 pm. Then the personnel monitoring and stalking against the perpetrators.

"Finally got done pursuit to the area of ??East Cross Road and the new players are caught," said Guntur, as reported by antarariau.com.

In addition to drugs, other evidence that is secured in the form of cash amounting to Rp3 million. Then each one of the mobile phone unit of Samsung, brand Frisian Flag milk box, wallet brands Sophie Martin Pink, a four-wheeled unit Ranmor brand Toyota Avanza White color.